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Featured Projects

ballerina mural.JPG
Ballerina Mural

This fun yet sophisticated ballerina mural made two young girls very happy in their play room

face appeal mural.jpg
Esthetician Salon Mural

Full of soft yet vibrant colours, this mural sets the ambiance for your spa treatment

Bedroom Mural

This mural, featuring gold accents, brightened up this bedroom. A timeless yet youthful accent in a room with fantastic lighting.

I only offer custom murals and designs, meaning each piece is unique to you, your home and your vibe. From classic black line work, to full colour pieces, a custom mural is sure to be a showstopper in your home or business space.

Reach out today to inquire about how to start the custom mural process for you today!



georgia mural.JPG
mural 4_edited.png
Private Home Mural

My very first mural ever, completed in the thick of the COVID19 pandemic. This mural was a bright light, a moment of pure joy for me to create.

This mural experience sparked my desire to work on a larger, more permanent scale for my art. I credit this piece not only for my newfound interest in murals, but also for being a showcase of what I could do. Every mural project I have taken on since this piece has been an amazing experience.


4th Street Mural

Created October 2022, this mural is nearly 700 square feet of reflection on Calgary's history, present and future.

4 st mural 2.JPG

Stay In Touch.

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Quinn Mazurkewich

Calgary, Alberta

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reach out to me directly to inquire about existing art, custom art or murals, or logo design, I can't wait to hear from you!

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