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About me

My name is Quinn and I am an artist living and working in Calgary, AB. At present, I am wrapping up my final year of my BFA in painting and the Alberta University of the Arts. 

My practice is twofold: large scale paintings and murals, and material exploration and sculpture.

When it comes to paintings and murals, I love it most when I get to work with a client and work together to come up with a dream piece of art for both of us. Whether that is classic line work or something full of colour, I love every step from the conversations, to the design to the execution of the project.

Alternatively, my current body of work and exploration in my degree is materiality, material agency and blurring the line between painting and sculpture. I enjoy using my hands to listen to the materials I use, allowing them to dictate the final product.

Regardless of which area I am working in, I enjoy every second of the creating process and playing with paint.

Who I Am

Winter Photoshoot 8.jpg
Meet my horse, Winterlily! The barn is where I can be found when I'm not in school or working.
Animal Lover
Follow along on my Instagram or TikTok to see my horse, dog and two cats (and some art too!)
fam photo 27_edited.jpg
I have three amazing sisters- we all have chosen incredibly different careers paths, so family dinners are never dull
me painting 1.jpg
And of course, an artist! This part of my life is in everything I do and brings me so much joy
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